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Skamlingsbanken is known for its magnificent nature and great story throughout time. Being 113 meters above sea level it is also the highest point in the South of Jutland. Here you can look over Lillebælt, but also far into South Jutland’s region.

Historically, Skamlingsbanken is known for the national festivals in 1843-59 as a support for the Danish part of South Jutland. In 1863 a 16-meter-high granite pillar was erected in the memory of the Danish defenders in Schleswig. Already in the following years, it was blown up by the Prussians. However, people in the area have gathered and stored the stones. Therefore, it was possible to rebuild it in 1866. It can still be seen on Højskamlingen and is definitely worth a visit - especially for history.

A guided tour is also possible; however, it must be booked in advance.

Restaurant Skamlingsbanken

In the summer months, you can stop at restaurant Skamlingsbanken, which is definitely worth a visit. At the restaurant you can enjoy a lovely dinner overlooking some of the finest nature Denmark has to offer.

The menu can be found on their own website.

Opening hours vary depending on the season. During the summer months, it is open from noon to 9 pm, while in the winter period it will only be open from noon to 5 pm on weekends. It is obvious to combine your trip with a visit to the restaurant after or prior to a visit to the eventful and beautiful scenery at Skamlingsbanken.