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Givskud Zoo

Just 40 kilometers from Kolding Hotel Apartments is one of Denmark’s most important tourist attractions and most popular family excursion destinations, Givskud Zoo.  Here you can experience a lot of wildlife. It is not just an ordinary zoo - actually the contrary. At Givskud Zoo you get a true safari experience, where you can drive around by car among wild animals from the savannah.

Givskud Zoo is a really good opportunity to get an exciting, educational, and entertaining experience with the whole family, where you can get close to the animals and experience them in a completely different way than in a regular zoo. Here the animals walk around in the open, and they live life almost like on the savanna.

The Lion Park and the great number of opportunities in Givskud Zoo

Givskud Zoo organically started as a lion park, where guests could drive around in cars among the lions, who were on a savanna. For many years, however, there have been a lot of other animals in Givskud zoo, which today can boast of being both a zoo and a safari park that holds almost 120 acres of land. There is thus plenty of room for the many animals to romp on, while there is plenty of room for you, without making it feel rushed.

A ticket to Givskud Zoo gives access to three very different experiences at the same time:

  • You can walk around the zoo
  • You can drive around the safari park and watch wildlife in the open
  • You can visit the impressive dinosaur park

In addition, there are great play facilities for both children and adults, including a 9-meter-high climbing frame (Skywalk), as well as various exhibits included in your fare. A visit to Givskud Zoo is thus much more than a visit to a regular zoo, and you should set aside at least 5-6 hours for your visit.

Givskud Zoo Prices

There are several options when it comes to buying tickets for Givskud Zoo. You can buy them both online and at the entrance, but there is actually money to be saved if you buy them online in advance. You can save DKK 10 per ticket by purchasing them before you show up - however, please be aware that tickets bought online are non-refundable, nor can they be combined with other discounts.

Ticket prices are listed below (per person)

  • Adult (12 years and up) costs DKK 220 at the entrance and DKK 210 online
  • Children (from 3 to 11 years) cost DKK 120 at the entrance and DKK 110 online
  • Small children (up to 2 years) are free


Please note that there is no discount for retired people or people with disabilities, however, disabled people can bring one free attendant along if he or she can present a companion card or a disability certificate.


You can also save money by buying an annual pass to Givskud Zoo - read more about this a little further down.


Givskud Zoo offers a very special ticket, where you can take a morning walk around the park. Here you can come behind the scenes and experience the animals even closer than usual. These tickets can only be purchased online, where an adult (age 12 and up) costs DKK 290 and children from age of 3 and up costs DKK 145. Children under the age of 3 get free entrance to the park.  

Getting around Givskud Zoo

To get around the safari park itself, you can choose to bring your own car without charge, so you can experience it all in a safe environment. In that case, you will drive in between the animals yourself based on a specific route that goes through South and North America, the area with lions, and the African savannas.

If you do not have a car, or simply prefer a guided tour, you can hop on the safari bus that follows the same route as the cars. The safari bus costs DKK 40 per person - for both adults and children. However, children under the age of 3 can join for free. Bus tickets are purchased at ticket sales.

If you prefer to drive in your own car but still want stories about the animals, you can buy a USB-stick or a CD with stories and guides, that can be played in the car. These stories can only be purchased online with your admission tickets.

The other part of Givskud Zoo can only be explored on foot. The zoo consists of a 6-kilometer-long system of paths, from where you can experience the wildlife. The same applies to the dinosaur park, which can also only be accessed on foot.

Givskud season ticket

If you already know, that you cannot settle with just visiting once a year, there is money to save by buying a season ticket, which gives you unlimited access to Givskud Zoo for a whole year. A season ticket costs DKK 410 for adults (12 years and up) and DKK 210 for children from 3 years and up to 11 years. Children under the age of 3 years can join for free, so you do not have to buy season tickets for them.

In addition, when you get a season ticket, you also get a lot of benefits and discounts are thrown in. You can thus receive a discount on dining in the park, just as you will be invited to special events and special tours only for people with a season ticket. 

With a season ticket, you get an additional ticket that can either be used at Aalborg Zoo, Odense Zoo, Ree Park Safari, or Jesperhus Blomsterpark. You also get 50% off tickets to Randers Regnskov or 25% off Legoland and Djurs Sommerland tickets.

And finally, a season ticket to Givskud Zoo gives a 15% discount on tickets to a large number of other Danish attractions, which are members of the Danish Zoos and Aquariums.

Givskud Zoo’s map - Create an overview and get the most out of your visit.

Givskud Zoo is a relatively large zoo with lots of great experiences with animals. Since it is a larger zoo, it is a good idea to pick out a few places before starting to explore the animals. To get the most out of your visit, it is recommended to plan ahead or at least before moving into the many different areas of the zoo. This is not to suggest that everything has to be planned and organized. We recommend that you get a hold of a Givskud Zoo map, which can be downloaded on their website or picked up physically in the zoo. In possession of a map, you can quickly and easily get an overview of all the animals, areas, eating places, etc. In that way, you can plan your day better and make sure that you get the most out of your visit to the park. 

Givskud Zoo - animals from all over the world
There are many different animals in Givskud Zoo. Some are found in the safari park where they live and walk side by side. Other animals will be found in the zoo where they are divided and separated from each other.
The most popular animals in the park are the lions, gorillas, rhinos, giraffes, and elephants. In fact, Givskud Zoo is the only zoo in Denmark that has Gorillas.
But despite that, there are lots of other kinds of animals that you can go visit, and there is almost a guarantee that you will see animals that you did not even know existed. Both birds and mammals from Africa, Asia, Australia, North, and South America can be found. Furthermore, more common domestic animals, such as goats and oxen can be found.
Thus, there are plenty of opportunities for both adults and children to immerse themselves in the animal world and learn a great deal about the world’s many beautiful animals.

Givskud Zoo dinosaurs - Get to know the mighty animals of the past
As mentioned before, Givskud Zoo has a dinosaur park, and it is also Denmark’s only dinosaur park. Naturally, there are no real dinosaurs living in the park, as they are extinct, but you can gain a lot of knowledge about the huge animals that lived on earth millions of years ago. 
You can see more than 50 natural-sized dinosaurs, and that way travel back in time having lots of fun. You go through different periods of time when the climate was extremely hot when Denmark was covered by water, and when the land was primarily covered with coniferous and marshland.

The exhibition is located outside and surrounded by the very large herbivores, the most dangerous T-rex, and small newly hatched dinosaur cubs you will feel like being taken back to a very different time.

And all of this is only a 40-kilometers drive from your lovely home at Kolding Hotel Apartments - it is a perfect distance to get on an excursion, and if you spend 5-6 hours at Givskud Zoo, you still have time for a delightful evening in the apartment with delicious food and hygge.