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South Jutland’s pride - Legoland

South Jutland has lots of charming places that are hard to resist. One of these is Denmark’s own Legoland which is located in Billund. The distance between Kolding and Billund is approximately 45 kilometers, so Denmark’s most famous amusement park is within reach from Kolding Hotel Apartments. The drive is approximately 37 minutes by car via route 176. Billund’s Legoland is the place where people of all ages can go and have an unforgettable day with their family, colleagues, and others. Legoland is a place that certainly will entertain everyone, regardless of age, and bring the whole family together and at the same have a unique experience, that can only be found in one place; Nordmarksvej 9, 7190 Billund.


Legoland in Billund

Legoland in Billund offers you and your fellow travelers more than 50 different rides. You will experience a wide variety of age groups; there are rides for children as well as for adults. It is the perfect universe for you if you want to satisfy your need for adrenaline at least once a year. This is not to suggest that you absolutely have to be thrill-seeking in order to visit and have fun in Legoland.

Legoland in Billund offers activities for everyone, and if you do not feel like trying out wild rides, as well as quite rides, then Legoland is packed with delicious eating places, cafes, ice cream stalls, and much more. Of course, every eating place speaks for itself, and they are all worth a visit. If you do not intend to eat in any restaurant, you can easily bring your own lunch, as Legoland has a large area where you can take breaks, eat and cook your own food, for example, barbecue, if that is what you feel like. Many guests choose to bring their own food or prepare it on site. This also has a charm of its own, especially during hot summer days.


Legoland parking

Legoland in Billund has five parking areas, P1, P2, P3, P5, and P6. The parking areas P1-P5 are pay zones, where the price is DKK 50. P6 stands out as it is always open and always free. You can always buy the parking tickets at the parking lots’ ticket machines, the LEGO-shop, and ticket sales. You can even buy the parking tickets online at Legoland’s website. This will save you time when you arrive in Legoland, as you do not have to wait in line. Important to know is that when arriving in Legoland that all parking spaces in front of Hotel Legoland are reserved for hotel guests and parking permits are required.

Legoland makes sure that you can charge your electric car. On the parking lot P1, you can find three stands with chargers, which have a total of six outlets. These parking spaces are directly the opposite of the entrance to Legoland.