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2. December 2021
3. December 2021
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Additional Services

Customise Your Stay

Here you will find the additional services we offer to make your stay easier and more
comfortable. You can get just about anything you want.

Domestic animals

Dogs are more than welcome. At the time of booking let us know if you wish to bring your best
four-legged friend along.

Dog per. day DKK 125,-


A healthy and nutritious danish breakfast. You can pick up your breakfast as TO-GO until servings are allowed again.

Per. adult DKK 119,- / Child DKK 60,- 

Additional time

You have the options to arrive two hours earlier and check out two hours later. On Sundays, it is possible to check out as late as 15:00.

Price DKK 165,- / Sunday 15:00 DKK 450,-

Swimming Pool & Fitness

Tickets for the fitness center and swimming pool next door can be purchased in the reception at a reduced

Adult DKK 59,- / Child DKK 39,- 

Baby & Children’s Equipment

We can provide you with a crib and high chair in the apartment, so you don’t have to bring your own.

Price for highchair DKK 50,- 

Price for crib DKK 250,-


Enjoy a delicious tapas in your apartment. The tapas must be ordered before 12 pm the day you wish to have the tapas.  

Price per. pers. DKK 175,- 


You can wash your clothes in our laundryroom, where you will find a washing machine and a dryer. Tokens can be bought in the reception.

Price per wash or dry DKK 30,- 


Rent our gas grill in the reception. The only requirement for you is to deliver it back clean and cold before 10 pm.

Grill DKK 150,-


A deposit of DKK 150,- will be charged upon rental.

Bike rental

Bike rental

Go on a bike journey in the fantastic nature of Kolding.

Rent your bike for DKK 50,- per day.

Helmets are included in the price.



Park at the hotel's parking lot.

Read more

Price DKK 45,- per night.

A little lovely shop in our reception

Boutique Stay Curious

Our little boutique will supply you with plenty of opportunities to satisfy your cravings. Our selection consists of mainly local and organic snacks and beverages. You will find local products from brands as Ecooking, Fary Lochan and Trolden. The opportunities vary from different kinds of health products to organic Italian sodas.

Opening hours: 7.30 - 22.00.