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Kolding Hotel Apartments

Hotel Apartments

At Kolding Hotel Apartments, we offer a range of apartments which can accommodate from 1-8 persons. You can choose a view towards the street, courtyard or in the green space next to the lake. All of our apartments have at least one bedroom, a living room with kitchen and dining area, bathroom en suite and wardrobes. Every apartment is furnished with Danish design classics and stylish details. The majority of our apartments are suitable for 2, 4 or 6 occupants but we also have two penthouse apartments that accommodate up to 8 persons each.

We believe in surprises

Stay Surprised

At Kolding Hotel Apartments, we believe that small surprises often make all the difference. We do our utmost to surprise our guests, especially with our design and services. We are devoted to making sure that our guests 'Stay Surprised'. We want to surprise our guests every time they come here. 

We are making surprises in our apartments, who have different geometrical shapes so that each visit feels like a new experience. We are also trying to surprise in or lounge and breakfast café with new tasting experiences and new products. In our boutique Stay Curious we are also changing the selection continuously.


We are also making new initiatives like our Loan Service, where you can borrow everything from a waffle iron and board games to cellphone chargers and nail polish remover. You can also find inspiration to different experiences in our Map of Surprises, which is decorating the walls in the apartments. The Maps show directions and distance to some of the best adventures nearby.


Our Concepts

Stay Green. Stay Balanced.

Stay Green

Sustainability and sharing economy 

At Kolding Hotel Apartments, we wish to be environmentally friendly through sustainable and sharing economy initiatives. It makes sense for us to be green, because it is a part of our identity, and nature is an important part of our surroundings. Therefore, we are constantly trying to develop and find new ways to protect the environment.


Stay Balanced

Small surprises is also about how you can make a difference for yourself.

We offer our guests the concept Stay BalancedStay Balanced is about you. It is for those of you who are interested in what is healthy for your mind and your body. It is for those of you who want to protect the environment, and for those of you who also remember to enjoy life. Stay balanced is a concept where mind, body and environment are in balance.