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Enjoy a relaxing holiday


Check in and relax at Kolding Hotel Apartments in the heart of Kolding's Latin Quarter with the Royal Palace Koldinghus and Slotssøbadet as the nearest neighbors.

With Kolding Hotel Apartments as the focal point, there is plenty of opportunity for activity in Kolding and the surrounding area in the coming holidays. Experience the beautiful nature around Kolding, such as Marielundsskoven, Kolding Ådal, Slotssøen with the romantic Kærlighedsstien. And for the more vivid spirits, one of our neighbors is a tropical water park, where the waterlovers can be let loose for several hours, while relaxation can also be found in the steam room or Queen Dorothea's Sauna.


The stay includes:


  • Accommodation in your own nice holiday apartment
  • Free wi-fi
  • TV with 28 channels, including various sports channels
  • Electricity, water, heating, linen, towels and final cleaning.


You can also buy a healthy and tasty breakfast in our cozy lounge.

The offer cannot be combined with other of our promotions.

The Royal Danish Collection


We offer a 20% discount on admission to Koldinghus in combination with a stay with us.

​Koldinghus – Jutland’s last royal castle – has played an important role in the history of Denmark throughout the more than 750 years of its existence. It has served as a part of the border defences, as a royal residence, and as the seat of the local representatives of the Danish central government.

Following the disastrous fire of 1808, the castle ruin attracted considerable attention as a picturesque ruin, providing a popular source of inspiration for artists and poets. For more than a century, the ruin has been the object of restoration programmes and gradual conversion to a museum of cultural history and a venue for cultural activities.

Read the history of Koldinghus here.




One of Denmark's biggest attractions for the whole family. Here you can go on adventures again and again. You will not be disappointed!

Experience classics like the Dragon, where you ride through the enchanted castle on a dragon 's back, or get a suck in the stomach when you drive with the Polar X-plorer's breathtaking speed past penguins.

In addition, LEGOLAND® is launching a completely new universe this year. LEGO® MOVIE ™. Here you will experience wild effects in the flying, cinematic rides.

LEGOLAND® is therefore always a sure winner. And is a small 40 minutes from Kolding by car.



Tropical Water Park


The many pools and the tropical climate can be used all year round. The water park is also a place to stay. There is a barefoot café and sun loungers for those who do not want to make use of the wet element. It is also in the swimming pool that SlotssøBadet's many events and special theme evenings take place. Steam baths are located in the swimming pool itself. Ie. that you keep the swimwear on and both men and women have access.

The steam bath has a humidity of approx. 90% and and a temp. of approx. 48 degrees.

There are two saunas in the changing rooms - one in the men's locker room and one in the women's locker room. The temperature is approx. 75-85 degrees and the humidity is very low.

Play and climb in the woods

WOW PARK Billund

WOW PARK is a large play and amusement park in the forest, where the family frolic all day - in the treetops, in the forest floor, underground and with water games in a safe and beautiful setting.

The park has plenty of space, fresh air, high to the sky and birdsong - on a large natural area equivalent to more than 40 football fields.

Tree-top playhouses, slides and suspension bridges at a height of 14 meters

Here you can play right up in the treetops, slide down at full speed and run from tree to tree in fun suspension bridges. WOW PARK is full of play and excitement at height. You can also try the 40 meter long toboggan run up from the tower - where you can toboggan even though it is summer.

Legeparken Kolding

The playground is the city center's free common area, where play and cultural activities go hand in hand with family fun and fresh air. The playground is all guests' meeting place and outdoor event stage.

In the park you can climb a realistic mini copy of Koldinghus, swing, slide and much more. All year round you can race in mooncars - and in the summer you can also sail a trip in a rowing boat, bicycle boat or participate in Nicolai for children's summer holiday workshops.

Trapholt Museum of Modern Art

Verner Panton

Enter a world of undulating extravagant shapes, strong intense colors and world-class design in the exhibition Verner Panton - Colors a New World.

Verner Panton is one of the biggest names in Danish design history. His spectacular use of colors and material choices that defied norms and traditions made the Danish architect world-renowned as one of the most influential designers of his time.

Kolding Ådal

Scenic Kolding Ådal

In Kolding Ådal, there is plenty of opportunity to experience nature up close. The river cuts through Kolding and runs all the way to the motorway. Here you have the opportunity to see forest, water and open plains, which show beautiful viewpoints.

Ådalen by bike

The Ådalsruten, which is a cycle route, runs through Kolding Ådal. The route is not marked, so it is important to bring a map. It takes you past both historical and natural sights.

Bring the children with you to a nice day in Kolding Ådal

In Ådalen you can bring a picnic basket and fish in Kolding Å. You can also take the children out and canoe - or for the slightly older ones - in a kayak. Ådalen is an obvious place for all ages, where you can have a wonderful day in nature.

Our neighbor

The danish royal castle Koldinghus

Koldinghus at eye level of children

Experience the extravagant life and surroundings of the old kings and queens at the old royal castle, Koldinghus. The castle hides secrets and mysteries that children of all ages can immerse themselves in and forget about the present.

In the old tower you will find a room with a collection of toys that were used in the previous centuries. Here, children can compare and experience how they themselves are different and perhaps a little similar to children from the heyday of the royal palace.

Become king or queen for a day

On the 3rd floor of the north wing, you can step into the costume workshop, where you can try on beautiful Renaissance costumes. Once you have put on the royal robes, you have the opportunity to sit in Christian IV's royal chair and play king or queen.

Givskud Zoo

Go on safari in Denmark! In Givskud Zoo you can get really close to the animals when you drive and walk among them.

Experience unique animals. In Givskud Zoo you can experience, as the only place in Denmark, Gorillas. See the rare African bongo antelope. Meet giant otters. And of course, the big herd of lions that you drive into!

And if the live animals are not enough for you, then Givskud Zoo has Denmark's largest dinosaur park! Meet the prehistoric giants and learn about their lives.

Part of Slotssøbadet

Dronning Dorotheas Sauna

Queen Dorothea's Badstue is ready to give you the ultimate wellness experience.

Sit back and be pampered in the historically decorated surroundings. The sauna offers a wide range of facilities such as steam bath, large luxury sauna with light therapy, outdoor sauna, outdoor spa, experience shower, cold water pool, salt pool, fragrance pool, relaxation pool, cave and a large selection of healing and caring treatments.

Health and nursing treatments have been a focus since Queen Dorothea's Sauna was established on 1 July 2008. The spa allows guests to pamper the body and thus joins a long spa tradition that the ancient Greeks and Romans began several thousand years ago. The spas had their heyday in the mid-19th century around all of Europe, where the health apostles of the time weighted the four elements water, air, fire and earth.

A day in the open air

Geografisk Have

Take a walk in the Geographical Garden and enjoy a day in the open air. And yes, there is plenty to do and experience here - also for children.

There are animals to pet, playgrounds, colorful birds from all over the world, a jungle trail, 600m2 greenhouses, idea gardens and even a mini version of Kolding city.

It is all spread around the 12-hectare park and botanical garden, where exciting events are also held regularly for both young and old.

Activity and relaxation


Marielundskoven is a stone's throw from Kolding city center and is a popular excursion place - with good reason! In Marielundskoven you will find a mecca of activities for body and soul. There are a large number of different hiking routes in varying degrees of difficulty, so there are opportunities for all family members. If your heart rate needs to increase a little more, there is the Health Track, where you can measure your fitness figures, or you can train balance, strength or coordination in the training pavilion. If it is relaxation you are looking for, then with a fishing license it is also possible to relax and fish in the lakes of the forests, or you can go hunting for edible mushrooms in the soil.

The forest consists of everything from dense spruce forest to sum areas and is completely idyllic with a sacred spring and Marielundsøen, which is the center of the forest. And then it's even easier to get to the forests - both by bike or on foot!

Cultural powerhouse

Nicolai Komplekset

The complex consists of five independent houses that together function as one cultural whole. One house, an old girls' school, is the center of art, design and entrepreneurship. The house consists of the showrooms on the ground floor. The beautiful and bright exhibition rooms present exhibitions with professional arts, design and crafts. It's about. 10 exhibitions a year. It is always free to enter.

Nicolai for children is part of the Nicolai Complex. It is a children's culture house, which is primarily aimed at 2-12 year olds. Here they can be allowed to unfold in the many and varied activities of the great building; There is something about motor skills, the creative soul and the brain. Go and explore!

An experience in itself


A Modern Experience Center for children and adults who love to explore and explore water, energy and movement when playing with the forces of nature.

Harteværket is located in Kolding's natural gem, Kolding Ådal. This invites visitors to cycle a ride in the area or back and forth from Kolding Hotel Apartments, where bicycles can be rented.

Today, the power plant still produces electricity for Kolding, which gives rise to a look inside and see how water becomes electricity.

Extra options

Customize your stay

Here you can see what extra options we offer to make your stay even more easy and comfortable. You can almost get anything you want.


Enjoy a delicious tapas dish. Tapas must be ordered the day before. Picked up at the reception and enjoyed in your apartment.

Price pr. pers. 185,- 


Healthy and nutritious breakfast. Breakfast can be enjoyed in our lounge and orangery, where the breakfast buffet is open between 07:00 and 10:00 on weekdays and 07:30 to 10:30 on weekends.

Price pr. pers. 130,- / Children 85,- 




Enjoy the aroma, the taste and the eternally charming cava.

Price pr. bottle: 120,-

Flora Danica at Koldinghus - Save 20%

Flora Danica at Koldinghus - Save 20%

Experience the Flora Danica exhibition at Koldinghus - Kings Collection.

A world of sumptuous porcelain and magnificent stories reveals itself, now that Kings Collection is exhibiting for the first time their large collection of the original Flora Danica set in the Library Hall at Koldinghus. Photography © Iben Kaufmann.


Price pr. person: 104,-

Dronning Dorotheas Bath

Dronning Dorotheas Bath - save 15%

Treat yourself to a wellness experience in Queen Dorothea's Sauna.

You can see an overview of all their facilities here.

Admission requires an appointment and can be ordered in these windows:

Mon - Fri: 10.00-14.00 & 15.00-19.00
Sat - Sun: 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-18.00

Price pr. person: 275,-


Trapholt - save 20%

Are you into art and modern design? Then Trapholt is just the thing for you.

Price pr. person: 104,-



Pamper your loved ones with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Price pr. bouquet: 300,-

Ekstra time

You have the option of both two hours earlier check-in and two hours later check-out. On Sundays, it is possible to check out at 15.00

Price pr. choice 185,- / Sunday at 15:00 450,-



Book parking for your car in the hotel's own car park.

Psst .. we have three electric charging sockets (EU) for electric cars.


Read more

Price pr. car/day 45,-



Borrow a gas grill at the reception.

Gas Grill 150,-




Take a bike ride in Kolding's fantastic nature.

Price pr. day: 50,-

Bicycle helmet is of course included for free.


Dogs are most welcome. We just need to be notified when booking if you want to bring your best four-legged friend.

Dog pr. arrival day 200,-

Dog pr. day of stay 50,-

Kolding Hotel Apartments

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