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Kolding Hotel Apartments

Stay in the city center when you attend the city's conferences or meetings

Do you need a different and inviting setting for your overnight stay while you attend conferences and business meetings in Kolding and the surrounding area?

At Kolding Hotel Apartments, it is possible to stay in hotel apartments from 1-8 people. There is a kitchen and dining room in all apartments, where you can also easily hold a pre-meeting, or gather as a group before the big meeting out in the city.

Our apartments are ideal for both being together, being efficient, but also for finding peace and disconnecting. The hotel is centrally located in the heart of Kolding and in the middle of Denmark. In the apartments, it is possible to cook, and there is plenty of opportunity to stretch your legs with a trip around Slotssøen, or exercise in Slotssøbadet or Fitness World, which is right next to us. We are within walking distance of the city's restaurants, the kings' collection Koldinghus and nature is right outside the door.

In the apartment, you can be completely yourself, and you have all the facilities at your disposal, which means that you can work concentrated and focused and get the most out of the day.

The smart thing is that you save a small meeting room, as you can use the apartment you are staying in to also have a meeting.

If there are many of you who are going to an event, you can request a special agreement in the form of a discount code linked to the event in question. If you are a planner of major conferences and need accommodation options in Kolding, you can also inquire about a special agreement - see contact information below.

I also sometimes rent the large penthouse apartments to have service meetings, because it is very centrally located. Sometimes we make breakfast together, and some choose to spend the night in the apartments after the meetings.

Peter Ross Jakobsen, Sysmex

Conference venues and large meeting rooms

Conferences and meetings in Kolding

Conferences and meetings at Koldinghus

If you are holding a conference or large meeting at Koldinghus, the experience can be completed with an overnight stay with us. The accommodation includes a 20% discount with a booking code requested by the event planner, and is booked online. The distance between Koldinghus and Kolding Hotel Apartments is 250 metres.

Read more about the possibilities at Koldinghus: Click here.

Business events and business meetings at Volkerts Fylke

If events and meetings are to be held in Volkerts Fylke, you can spend the night right nearby with us. The accommodation includes a 20% discount with a booking code requested by the event planner, and is booked online. The distance between Volkerts Fylke and Kolding Hotel Apartments is 1.3 kilometers.

Read more about the opportunities at Volkerts Fylke: Click here.

Note: If you hold conferences and business meetings near Kolding, and are looking for accommodation for your participants, you are very welcome to contact us to hear about the possibility of a discount code.

Kolding Hotel Apartments

Contact us and find out more

Contact hotel manager Heidi Walz at [email protected] for more information about our special agreements.
You are of course also welcome to call +45 7554 1800 to find out more.

Promotional codes with a discount, apply to accommodation at daily price with cancellation and do not apply to already discounted products such as non-refundable, campaigns, packages and offers.

View of the city and Castle Lake

Slotssø apartment

Our exclusive castle lake apartments offer the possibility of comfortable accommodation in the Latin Quarter in the middle of Kolding, when you are looking for accommodation in connection with conferences and meetings in the Triangle area. In the Slotssø apartments, there can be up to 8 people, and there is plenty of space to stretch your legs along the way, breathe on the balcony and cook lunch in the large kitchen. If it is desired to use the apartments as meeting facilities, there can be up to 10 people seated, who can all enjoy the view over Kolding and Slotssøen.

The apartments each have two bedrooms with attached toilets. In addition, there is an upper level in kip with a double bed and a sofa bed, so there is room for up to 8 overnight guests.

There is the possibility of catering and the loan of AV equipment. For a one-day meeting, we can deliver a breakfast buffet, iced water, coffee and fruit. Additional catering and possibly food from outside is coordinated in cooperation between you and us.

View of Castle Lake

Lake apartment

In the lake apartments, you live in our green surroundings with a partial view of the lake, very close to nature with fantastic light. Depending on the location, you can experience a look/view of the Castle Lake and our neighbor Koldinghus Royal Palace from the variously located Lake Apartments.

The lake apartments are located in the architect-designed point houses, which have different geometric shapes such as triangles, circles, stars or squares. The large window sections of the point houses provide a breathtaking experience of the colors of nature, the light of the sky and the changing of the seasons. The lake apartments all have a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The 4- and 6-person apartments have a bedroom with two single beds put together to make a double bed, as well as wall-hung beds and single beds in the apartment's other bedrooms. Suspended beds are 190 cm long.

View of the courtyard

Courtyard apartment

Enter the green space. The courtyard apartments are all located in our cozy courtyard environment. Here you have a view of the surrounding townhouses and the spacious, green areas. In a courtyard apartment you can enjoy nature, even if you live in the middle of the city.

View to the street

Street apartment

Feel the pulse of the city. The street apartments face the one-way Låsbygade with cafes, shops and take-away restaurants. When you live close to it all, you can count on being able to hear the life and buzz of the city.

Kolding Hotel Apartments

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