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Dronning Dorothea’s Bath

Unwind in Dronning Dorothera’s Bath, while being pampered with a relaxing body massage or a facial treatment. Feel like a king or queen and enjoy the many baths and saunas.

A visit to Dronning Dorothea’s Bath is a perfect way to spend an afternoon in pleasurable self-indulgence. You will also have the opportunity to experience an old spa tradition, which started in Kolding as early as the beginning of the 20th century. At the time, the spa was not used for self-indulgence and relaxation, but as a treatment for children with the disease tuberculosis.

The spas had their days of glory throughout Europe in the mid-19th century, where these baths were an important part of maintaining a healthy body.


On tour in Dronning Dorothea’s Bath

When you arrive at the spa you are provided with a bathrobe and a towel, so you do not need to bring this. There is a changing room in the lowest section, where you can change to the swimwear you brought and the provided bathrobe. Afterward, you are ready to experience the queen’s spa. 

There are several different baths and pools for you to try. We would recommend you start with a cold shiver in the cold-water pool which is only 14 degrees. After this, it is nice to be able to immerse in the relaxation pool or scented pool which is 35-36 degrees warm. This shift, between the cold and hot water, is especially good for increasing blood circulation in the body.

If you are dealing with skin problems, you should jump into the salt bath, which has the same salt content as the Dead Sea. This is especially known to have a soothing effect on psoriasis.

You can experience saunas and spas both outdoors and indoors. The outdoor sauna and spa have a great view of the lake, Slotssøen, and Koldinghus. If you prefer an indoor sauna, one of them has changing lights that affect your mood. If you are more into steam, you can step into the steam bath with a special steam fountain in the middle. Inside the steam bath, you have the opportunity to cool down and then quickly be heated up again by the high temperature and humidity.

Several times a year spa days and evenings are organized, where you can experience the bath combined with e.g. Meals, drinks, and special themes.

Dronning Dorothea’s spa - worthy of a queen

In Dronning Dorothea’s Bath, you can also have a more personal experience, if baths and saunas are not enough. They offer both spa and cosmetic treatment for the face and body. If you want a treatment that is a little out of the ordinary, it will complete the perfect spa day with a relaxing massage, a manicure, or a facial treatment.  

There are many types of spa treatments that you can choose from when you book a date at Dronning Dorothea’s Bath.  Among other things, you can get rid of sore muscles in the face and body with a delightful massage. If you need more peace of body and mind, you can try out meditation in the water and detox the waste that accumulates in the body over time.

Cosmetic treatments are also available. Here you can choose from different facial treatments, that will make your skin look great again. You may also wish for an enchanting and expressive look that can be achieved with Dronning Dorothea’s Eyelash Extension. If you are not into false eyelashes, the competent cosmetologists can adjust and color your own lashes and brows. Furthermore, it is also possible to have unmanageable hair removed. A gentle wax is used, which is particularly good for sensitive skin.

At Dronning Dorathea’s Bath, you might leave feeling like a queen.

Dronning Dorothea’s Bath prices

To be sure not to miss out on a day in pleasurable self-indulgence, remember to book a specific time for your treatment. It is especially important to report cancellations no later than 10 pm the day before if you would not be able to come. If you do not cancel, you will have to pay the full amount.

The entrance fee to the bath always costs DKK 295, and you can freely use all baths, pools, and saunas. Included in the price you will also get water, tea, coffee, and fruit which can be enjoyed inside the bath. It is important to get plenty of fluid as you get dehydrated by the hot and humid environment.

Spa and cosmetic treatments are not included in the entrance fee but are paid in addition to this. The costs of the treatments vary depending on what you want. Prices range from DKK 175 to DKK 950. Try a Dorotheas Detox body pamper if you want a full-body experience. This treatment costs DKK 950 and the price includes entrance to the baths.