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12. November 2019
13. November 2019
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Kolding Hotel Apartments

Have your next meeting here

Are you looking for an attractive and alternative venue for your next Board meeting, sales team rally or workshop?

At Kolding Hotel Apartments, you can hold business meetings in beautiful surroundings and luxurious furnished apartments. Our apartments accommodate from 2-6 people and The Castle Lake Apartments can accommodate up to 10 people

Our apartments are the ideal venue for full-day meetings and workshops. The hotel lies at the heart of the city of Kolding. Located centrally in Denmark, Kolding is very easy to get to. You can cook food with your colleagues in the apartments and there are great opportunities to stretch your legs on a quick hike around the lake.

If you work in the apartment, there will be no disruptions. You have all our hotel facilities at your disposal. You can immerse yourselves in the job at hand and get the most out of the workday.

You can order meals and loan AV equipment for meetings and workshops – and you can stay overnight in the apartments.

Perfect venue for large gatherings

Castle Lake Apartments

Our exclusive Castle Lake apartments are the ideal venue for a full day of meetings, a workshop or Board meeting. Up to 10 people can attend a meeting in each Castle Lake Apartment. There is plenty of space to stretch your legs, take in the air from th e balcony and mak lunch in the large kitchen.

The apartments each have two bedrooms with adjacent restroom. In addition there is a large bed loft.

For service meetings I sometimes book the large penthouse apartments. It's great to stay in the town centre. Sometimes we make breakfast together and some may decide to stay overnight the apartments after our meetings.

Peter Ross Jakobsen, Sysmex

Kolding Hotel Apartments

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Contact Hotel Manager Heidi Walz on for further details.

Please do not hesitate to call us on +45 75 54 18 00