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21. October 2020
22. October 2020
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Activities and relaxation in Marielund forest

The Marielund forest is located within a stone’s throw from Kolding city center and is a popular outing in the woods - for a good reason! In the forest, you will find a lot of activities for both body and mind. There are a large number of different hiking routes in varying degrees of difficulty, which means there is something for all members of the family. If you want something that increases your heart rate, you should try Sundhedssporet, where you can measure your fitness level, or you can work on your balance, strength, and coordination in the training pavilion. If it is the relaxation you seek, then with a fishing license it is also possible to disconnect and fish in lakes inside the forest, or you can go searching for edible mushrooms.

The forest consists of everything from pine trees to deciduous trees and is a perfect idyll with a holy well and the lake Marielund, which is the center of the forest. And it is easy to get to the forest - both by bike and on foot!