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21. October 2020
22. October 2020
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Visit the Stenderup Forests

Only 10 kilometers from the center of Kolding you will find the Stenderup peninsula, where you can find peace in nature inside the Stenderup forests. The forests extend along Kolding Fjord’s southern coastline and combine the magnificent Danish nature, beach, and forest. From the high slopes inside the forest, you have a view of Lillebælt, Kolding Fjord, and the islands Fanø and Fanø Kalv.

Small and larger well-maintained trails make the forest easily accessible to wheelchair users, cyclists, and walking-impaired people and make it easy for you to move around among 500-years-old oaks and beech trees. The forest is divided into three forests Nørreskov, Midtskov, and Sønderskov, and extends over 845 hectares. Among the large trees inside the forest, you can also find historical relics like long barrows and banks from the medieval times, and if you want to spend more time in the beautiful forests you can also find places for bonfires and camping pitches that can be used for free.