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Danish Museum of Nursing History

At the Danish Museum of Nursing History, you can dig into the history of nursing, patients, and the health system. The museum gives an insight into how the health system has evolved from medieval times to the health system we know today. It is educational for kids of all ages to hear about how the health system has evolved into what we know today. The Danish Museum of Nursing History is also the only museum of nursing in Denmark.

The museum is solidly located on the north side of Kolding Fjord, and therefore you also get a beautiful view over the fjord. The whole family can benefit from a visit to the historic nursing museum in stunningly beautiful surroundings. 

An educational museum of nursing history for the whole family

The Danish Museum of Nursing History is both educational and exciting to explore. The whole family can dive into the history of nursing and learn about the development of the health system. At the Danish Museum of Nursing History, you will find both exhibitions, a library, and an archive that contains the history of the nursing home. When hungry, the whole family can enjoy light refreshments in the museum café. However, it is also possible to bring your own food, which can be enjoyed on the museum’s terrace.

Besides, it is not expensive to spend an educational day at the museum. Children under the age of 16 can enter the museum for free, while adults must pay DKK 50. Pensioner and students can spend a fun and educational day for just DKK 35. If you form a bigger group, it is also possible to get an introduction to the museum for DKK 350.

You can easily find the museum, whether you go by bus or car. If you go by car you just need to follow the sign for “Sygeplejemuseet”. If you go by bus, you can go with the city bus number 7 from the Kolding bus terminal. The bus will take you directly to the museum. So, there are good reasons for visiting the museum and have an educational day in beautiful surroundings.