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21. October 2020
22. October 2020
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Experience the history of agriculture at Landbomuseet 

At Landbomuseet you are taken back in time at the old family farm where the craftsmen’s tools are exhibited. You will get a rural vibe in the beautiful surroundings at the farm Brødsgård.

At Landbomuseet you can see agricultural implements from a wheeled plow to a combine harvester. A total of 2,500 personal items are exhibited. You can get a glimpse of what it was like to be a housewife and a farmer 100 years ago.

Activities for kids and adults 

Both kids and adults are in for a cozy day. The forest Tumleskoven is found right next to the museum, where you play different games and pet a horse.

Try to walk on stilts or throw horseshoes. In addition, you can bring your picnic basket or barbecue. Go back in time for one day at Landbomusset.