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21. October 2020
22. October 2020
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Kolding Ådal - area of natural beauty

In Kolding Ådal there is plenty of opportunities to experience nature close at hand. The stream runs through Kolding and all the way to the motorway. Around here you can see the woods, water, and open spaces with great viewpoints.

Ådalen on a bike

A cycle route goes through Kolding Ådal. The route is not marked, so it is important to bring a map. The path will take you past both historical and natural sights.

Enjoy a cozy day with the kids in Kolding Ådal

In Ådalen you can bring a picnic basket and fish in Kolding Å. You can also go sailing in canoes with the kids - or for the slightly older ones - in kayaks. A river valley is a great place for all ages, and you are in for a wonderful day in nature.