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21. October 2020
22. October 2020
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Geografisk Have

If you want to see a botanical garden quite out of the ordinary, Geografisk Have in Kolding is a particularly good option. The garden offers a very unique plant collection and for the little ones, there is plenty of opportunities to play in the playground and get close to the garden’s animals. You can end your tour by visiting the cozy cafe.

The name Geografisk Have come from the fact that the garden is divided into continents and different countries. Therefore, you will be able to explore Europe where the beech, snake spruce, and Siberian crab apple are found. Or maybe you want to go as far as Siberia? Here you can experience the Siberian iris or noble fir.

Geografisk Have is also a good place to bring your children. The price is low, and you will definitely be able to spend a whole day at the quaint gardens and a stroll in the pen for animals.