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Covid19 Precautionary Measures


Updated 2.2.2022

First of all, thank you for staying at Kolding Hotel Apartments, we are looking forward to welcoming you here.

As you probably know, Coronavirus has now spread to Denmark, and we as a company are following the development closely.

HORESTA has provided a course to all employees with the goal to educate in the precautions of COVID19. All of our employees have passed the course. 

So far, there is no restriction from authorities concerning hotels. Therefore, we will take all the safety precautions we can as a company, which we hope you will all follow.



Covid19 Precautionary measures regarding the guests staying at Kolding Hotel Apartments:

Public toilets and areas

· Towels are removed from the public toilets and are now replaced by disposable wipes - we will also make sure, that there is hand disinfectant and soap available everywhere.

· Public toilets are cleaned regularly.

· We periodically spray railings, elevator buttons, handles, etc. throughout the hotel.


Reception and lounge

· We have put up signs in Danish and English, prepared by the authorities regarding the prevention of COVID-19.

· A glass screen has been set up around the reception, when serving customers for your and the employees' sake.

· Key cards are placed in isolation for 48 hours before reuse.

· Tables are cleaned after use.

· We sell sanitary napkins and hand sanitizer in our sales wall.

· Hand sanitizer is available.



· The kitchen staff handle food with plastic gloves or have their own kitchen utensils.

· All employees follow the authorities' guidelines regarding hand washing.

· All dishes are washed in the dishwasher with a final rinse of 80 degrees hot water

· Hand sanitizer and gloves are available for all our guests.



· All our hotel apartments are individual apartments with their own entrance.

· The apartments are cleaned on all surfaces and all handles are cleaned before the staff leaves the apartment. 

· Our supplier of bed linen and towels guarantees that everything is washed at the right temperature, washing time and with the right chemistry, which eliminates all viruses and bacteria,

· Instead of using printed material, you can advantageously download our digital guest book, in which you will find all practical information about your stay.



· If you become ill with Corona or suspect the virus while staying here, we ask you NOT to get in physical contact with anyone or the reception, please contact us by phone at +45 7554 1800 and we will follow the instruction of the authorities.

· In our digital hotelguide, there are instructions from the police on how to behave if you become ill or suspect corona.

· After a guest with COVID-19 has stayed here, the apartment will either be disinfected or quarantined for a minimum of 48 hours. If a COVID-19 ill guest stays at the reception and lounge, the area will be disinfected



· If you have travelled abroad, please follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


What can you do as a guest?

We recommend you to follow instructions from the authorities:

· Wash your hands often and use our dispensers with hand sanitizer.

· Cough or sneeze into your sleeve.

· The Danish Health and Medicines Authority also recommends that you sneeze in a paper handkerchief, which is subsequently thrown out directly.

· The national board of health also recommends, sneezing in a paper towel, which is subsequently thrown out directly.

· Limit physical contact.

· If you feel ill, you should stay at home.

We are constantly working to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant stay with us. Therefore, our precautions will be continuously updated


Best regards

Jeanette Therkildsen

Chief Executive Officer