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Workout your body and get more energy

It is important to take good care of yourself and your body.


Get your body going and get more energy. We have put together a workout that both can be used as a complete training session as well as a warm-up before going for a run, etc.

This whole-body exercise activates the large muscle groups as the buttocks and thighs, and it increases your metabolic activity. The core exercises challenge the side and midsection of your abs.

Tip: As a guest at Kolding Hotel Apartments you can always borrow equiptment for your workout at the reception for free. 

#01 Jump rope


Jump rope for 2 minutes. Take a 10 second break.

Repeat 5 times or until you feel your pulse rate increase.


#02 The Plank

Whole-body exercise

Put your palms and toes to the ground. Keep your back straight and your head in a straight line in extension of your neck.

Tighten your abs and hold the position for about 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise 3 times.

This exercise enhances stability and trains your core strength.


#03 Rowing Plank

Whole-body exercise

Use two dumbbells for support. Hold the position and lift one dumbbell from the ground at a time.

Repeat the exercise 3 times for 30 seconds.

This exercise enhances stability and trains your core strength.


#04 Twist

Ab exercise

Sit down on the floor with your legs bent at the knee and an upright back – as straight as possible without faltering.

Grab your kettlebell and hold it a bit away from your chest.

Now keep your upper body still – lift your legs and rotate your kettlebell from side to side.

Make this motion 8 times to each side, take a 10 second break and repeat 3 times.

#05 Fly

Whole-body exercise

For this exercise you will need the resistance tube. Stand up with your right foot placed on the resistance tube.

Put your left foot forward. Hold the handles of the resistance tube and lift your arms in a forward motion (as wings).

Stretch your arms and tighten your abs. Make sure to keep your lower back straight. Repeat
the exercise 3 times with 8-10 repetitions each time with a 10 second break between each
of the 3 times.

This exercise enhances your upper body strength.


#06 Squat

Whole-body exercise

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and with your knees slightly bent. Pretend to sit back in a chair keeping your back straight and your shoulders down.

Bend your knees until your legs are in a 90-degree position, then stand up straight in the starting position.

Repeat the exercise 3 times with 12 repetitions each time.

This exercise strengthens the front and back of the leg as well as the gluteal muscle.

#07 Stretch out


Finish off the workout by using a foam roller to release your muscles.

Slowly, use the foam roller to roll back and forth on your back from the lower back up to the back of the neck.


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