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Stay Surprised

Even small surprises can make a big difference

In a lot of ways we are not "a normal kind of hotel" - we acknowledge that, and we actually see it as our biggest strength. It makes us flexible, able to create the best experiences for each individual guest and most importantly; it makes us able to surprise. Because we have a strong believe that even small surprises makes a big difference. 

Because of that, we continously try to surprise our guests; both by how we have decorated the apartments with design and funny details. But also by what we serve for breakfast and in our lounge, where we always experiment with new tastes and new products. Our boutique is also continously updated and we try to develop new actions and things for our guests that makes their stay a whole lot better. For instance we have our "Lånekasse" - an opportunity to borrow different stuff like a waffle iron, board games and cellphone charger. 

Our Map of Surprises can be found in each of our apartments - it will guide you to some of the best experiences nearby. 

You can follow what we do and how we try to keep surprising on Facebook and Instagram.

Stay Balanced

However, small surprises are also about how you can make a difference for yourself. Therefore, we now offer you Stay Balanced. Stay Balanced is about you. It is for those of you who are interested in what is healthy for your mind and your body. It is for those of you who want to protect the environment, and for those of you who also remember to enjoy life. It is about finding the balance.


Read more about Stay Balanced here

Facilities and services
  • Parking at the door
  • Free WI-FI
  • DVD-player and more
  • Central location
  • The cleaning service and laundry
  • Apartment sizes 2, 4 and 6 pers.
  • Kitchen in all apartments
  • Toilet
  • Living room
  • TV, radio and phone