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Concerned about allergies?


Allergies can make a holiday a bit more complicated. We want to give you the great experience without you having to worry about allergies.




Our breakfast consists of a seasonal inspired buffet. Should you for instance be gluten allergic or lactose intolerant, then we have several other options available. We serve almond milk as a lactose-free (and environmental) alternative to the traditional milk. Paleo bread or gluten-free buns as a substitute normal bread. You are always welcome if you wish to bring your own food (e.g. bread or milk) due to allergies.




Provided that we at notified before arrival, we will give your apartment an extra thorough cleaning to ensure that you can enjoy your stay in an allergy-friendly apartment.

The bed linen is exclusively washed with soap approved by Ecolabel Denmark’s Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Both the hair shampoo, body wash, dishwashing soap and hand soap in the apartments are approved by Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The same accounts for the soap in the washing machine. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is your guarantee that the products are produced while attempting to minimize the environmental impact from the production. That is also why we refill the bottles instead of throwing them out. 

Please note that our shampoo, body wash and hand soap contain perfume. 


Do you have any other concerns about allergies then feel free to contact us at +45 7550 1800 or mail.