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20. January 2020
21. January 2020
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Kolding Hotel Apartments

Your Next Family Holiday

When you stay with us, you are close to countless activities, cafés and restaurants. You have your own apartment with plenty of light, space and the flexibility of having your own kitchen and separate rooms. At Kolding Hotel Apartments, you can tailor your holiday to suit your wishes and needs.


Hotel apartments

Go on a weekend getaway or use us as your base for summer holiday. In our hotel apartments there is room for the whole family. We have apartments for 2, 4
or 6 guests and our penthouse apartments can accommodate up to 8 guests.

All hotel apartments have a bedroom with a double bed and a bedroom with a wall-hung bed. The
wall hung bed consists of one single bed on the floor and one single bed affixed to the ceiling.

Kolding Hotel Apartments

Experience Kolding

No matter when you visit Kolding, there’s always lots to see and do. A long weekend, a mini-break or a whole summer holiday? Explore the experiences we recommend. Inspirational ideas for your next holiday

Additional services

Adapt you stay


Let us prepare a delicious, healthy
and nutritional breakfast for you. 

Tickets for the swimming pool

Visit the swimming pool next door.
Buy tickets at a reduced price.

Bring your dog

Bring your four-legged friend on your next holiday
and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Kolding Hotel Apartments

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