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Stay green

There is a rising demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable suppliers and business partners. Kolding Hotel Apartments also have high demand – especially for ourselves. There for you can stay with us with a good and green conscience.


At Kolding Hotel Apartments, we wish to be environmentally friendly through sustainable and sharing economy initiatives. It makes sense for us to be green, because it is a part of our identity, and nature is an important part of our surroundings. Therefore, we are constantly trying to develop and find new ways to protect the environment.


Stay Green Bag:

Plastic bags have a very negative impact on wildlife and the environment. Therefore, reuse your plastic bags or stop using them completely and use a tote bag. Our tote bags can be borrowed while you are here, and they can be purchased in the reception.


How we handle waste:

  • We supply you with coffee filters, dishwasher detergent and tea bags, so you don’t have to purchase large amounts that go to waste if there isn’t enough room in your suitcase on your way home.
  • We reduce food waste by using stock ontrol corresponding to number of guests.
  • Food is reused for biogas through the environmental arrangement ReFood.
  • Soap dispensers are refilled.


How we share and reuse:

  • Loan service – Did you forget your charger or are you in the mood for a board game? No need to buy new items – you are welcome to borrow it.
  • We refurbish furniture or give it away instead of disposing of it. For example, our nightstands are made of old bookshelves.
  • Forgotten items are not thrown away, instead they are donated to secondhand shops after a month.
  • Books are kept, so they later can be borrowed by other guests.


How we save resources:

  • LED-light bulbs in all apartments
  • Installation of efficiency showerheads
  • Automatic heat control in all apartments at check-in and check-out.
  • Weekly towel change or as needed – and naturally after each check-out
  • Toilet paper made from recycled paper.