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Activities and experiences in Kolding

Map of surprises

Discover local favorite places with the Map of Surprises, which is our collection of wonderful experiences and tourist attractions in Kolding and the southern part of Jytland.


In Kolding and other places nearby

The Castle Lake
Distance: 10 m, Walking time: 1 min

The lake and park is a nice recreational area. A beautiful oasis in the middle of Kolding.

Slotssøbadet - Subtropical swimming pool
Distance: 260 m, Walking time: 3 min

A tropical water park with a 55 m slide, playground and exercise pools, hot tub, sundeck, sauna, steam room and toddlers area.

Dronning Dorotheas Badstue
Distance: 260 m, Walking time: 3 min

Feel like a queen or king and enjoy this wonderful spa with lots of treatments and baths!

Marina South
Distance: 3 km, Driving time: 7 min, Walking time: 30 min

Go for a walk to the marina and enjoy the boats, the old wooden houses and the cosy atmosphere.

Rebæk Beach
Distance: 6 km, Driving time: 11 min, Walking time: 50 min

A beautiful little beach on the south side of the bay, where you can play and bath - and fish crabs from the bridge.

Binderup Beach
Distance: 14 km, Driving time: 19 min 

The most children friendly beach in Kolding. There is always low tide (Some people actually claim, that you can walk to the island Fyn). 


Løverodde Beach
Distance: 17 km   Driving time: 24 min  

You will find this beach where Kolding Fjord and Lillebælt comes together. A lovely beach with jettys, playground and restaurant.

Distance: 8 km   Driving time: 12 min   

These lakes are a popular spot for anglers. Take a bike ride along Troldhedestien, where you ride along small idyllic trails next the  lakes.

Bridge Walking
Distance: 22 km   Driving time: 20 min   

Walk on top of the old bridge connecting Jutland with Fyn and enjoy the amazing view.


Play & Learn

In Kolding and other places nearby


Distance: 2 km Running time: 3 min Walking time: 13 min

Enjoyable playground where you can take a boat trip on the lake in pedal boat or canoe, ride on moon cars, swing and bob up and down. Admission and activities are free.

Kolding Library
Distance: 800 m Running time: 4 min Walking time: 9 min

A dynamic house for the whole family. Here you can find the latest newspapers and magazines from home country and foreign contries as well as computers with internet access. There is also a special area for children.

Distance: 500 m Running time: 2 min Walking time: 3 min

Nicolai is a cultural powerhouse for children and adults who have not forgotten how to play and has an indoor play area, inspiring exhibitions, music, cinema and cozy cafe.

Funky Monkey Park
Distance: 3 km Running time: 15 min

Experience the thrill of climbing the park's many different heights with challenges for all ages and levels.

Distance: 114 km Running time: 75 min

Universe is a scientific adventure park where children and adults play their way to knowledge about science.

Distance: 43 km Running time: 40 min

Legoland® is the most famous and popular amusement park in Denmark, with lots of fun, speed and action for families and children of all ages.

Givskud Zoo
Distance: 42 km Running time: 41 min

The ZOO is a safari park, where you can experience lots of animals from your car. When you arrive at the park, you don’t have to leave your car.


In Kolding and other places nearby

Distance: 230 m Running time: 3 min Walking time: 3 min

Do not miss this castle and former royal palace from 1268. Koldinghus has gone through a spectacular restoration, and frame worldclass exhibitions today.

Distance: 13 km Running time: 17 min

Skamlingsbanken is a 2-3 km long lateral moraine in the South between Kolding and Hejlsminde.

Distance: 16 km Running time: 21 min

A walk with or without a guide through the story with new discoveries around every corner. And remember to buy the famous honey cakes!

Art and Design

In Kolding and other places nearby

Mungo Park
Distance: 1 km Running time: 4 min Walking time: 8 min

Modern theater that exudes good karma.

Distance: 3,5 km Running time: 6 min Walking time: 15 min

Good music and nice feeling - with everything from intimate concerts to rock experiences on the program.

Distance: 5 km Running time: 8 min Walking time: 50 min

Denmark's only museum where you can see both the visual arts, crafts, design and furniture design. Special exhibitions with international and Danish artists and designers.


In Kolding and other places nearby

Distance: 200 m Walking time: 1 min

Kærlighedsstien is the name of the beautiful path that encircles the Castle Lake. Here is opportunity for an experience of nature and perhaps a detour to the green areas at Koldinghus.

Distance: 2 km Running time: 4 min Walking time: 20 min

One of the most romantic places in Kolding! Also nice for a jog around the lake or picnic with the kids.

Geografisk have
Distance: 4 km Running time: 5 min Walking time: 30 min

Discover thousands of roses, jungle trails, greenhouses, animal pen, play areas and Kolding Mini Town!

Kolding Golf Club
Distance: 4 km Running time: 6 min Walking time: 35 min

Go 9 or 18 holes on the most beautiful golf course located in the woods along Troldhede path north of Kolding Centrum.


In Kolding and other places nearby

Latin quarter 

Distance: 200 m Walking time: 3 min

In Kolding you will find beautiful old houses, a number of specialty shops selling delicious interior- and clothing boutiques, crafts, cozy cafes and sushi restaurants.

Kolding Mid-town
Distance: 400 m Walking time: 5 min

Interesting shops, inspirational restaurants, cozy nightclubs, pubs and bars - you'll find it all in Kolding mid-town!

Kolding Shopping Centre
Distance: 3 km Running time: 7 min Walking time: 40 min

Med over 120 specialbutikker, Bilka og Biocenter er Kolding Storcenter Jyllands største indkøbscenter.

Flensburg (DE)
Distance: 90 km Running time: 61 min

Take a trip south of the border to Germany and enjoy a day in an inspiring city Flensburg.

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